e. ross studios

Situated on the abandoned site of the former Six Flags New Orleans theme park known as Jazzland, our state-of-the-art campus is poised to become the premiere destination for content creators, studio executives, production companies, and regional residents alike.

Our Vision

e. ross studios seeks to inclusively bring innovation, culture, and creativity to the world through media and entertainment. We're on a quest to reinvigorate the abandoned Jazzland theme park site, transforming it into a premiere motion picture and television studio as well as entertainment hub for the region. By offering a space that bridges technology, artistry, and community, we're pioneering a new era of cinematic experiences.
eross new orleans set

Guided by Culture

Steeped in the rich traditions and tapestry of New Orleans, e. ross studios JAZZLAND draws inspiration from the city's dynamic heritage. The essence of jazz, the resilience of the city’s people, and the spirit of innovation are the threads that weave our narrative. We honor this cultural mosaic by creating experiences that resonate with both residents and the global community.

Home Grown Leadership

Founded by Emmy Award-winning composer Elvin Ross, our studio is a realization of his vision to fuse music, media, and creativity. With a legacy spanning film, television, and music, Elvin brings his unique perspective to e. ross studios, infusing it with a spirit of artistic excellence and community empowerment.
About Our Leadership

We believe in the power of storytelling to inspire change and unite communities.

Through community engagement and programs like Story City, we're dedicated to enriching the lives of underserved youth, nurturing future artists, and contributing to the growth of the New Orleans East community.

Join us in the pursuit of groundbreaking innovation that transforms industries and shapes the future.