Explore the Backlot

e.ross studios JAZZLAND's expansive backlot presents filmmakers with a multitude of options to unleash their creativity within a secure environment. 
Our expansive backlot boasts an impressive 227 acres of green space and diverse topography. It features the renowned abandoned theme park Jazzland, offering a unique backdrop for your creative vision. With such a vast canvas at your disposal, our backlot is perfect for crafting a wide range of sets and environments that will truly immerse your audience. Whether you're looking to construct a bustling cityscape, a tranquil countryside, or an enchanting fantasy world, our backlot provides the foundation to bring your wildest imagination to life.

Base Camp | Support Space | Storage

At e. ross studios, their services go beyond just providing space for film productions. With over 40 acres of concrete, they offer an extensive BASE CAMP SUPPORT SPACE AND STORAGE for film crews. This ensures that the cast and crew have the necessary facilities and resources to operate smoothly during the production. The ample storage space allows for equipment and props to be securely stored onsite, eliminating logistical challenges. By offering such comprehensive support, e. ross studios proves to be a valuable asset for filmmakers in need of a conducive environment for their productions.


You have the freedom to approach filming with a range of options when it comes to structures. You can either work with the structures as they are, taking advantage of their existing architecture, aesthetic, and atmosphere, or you can completely reimagine and transform them to fit your creative vision. By doing so, you can create a wide variety of unique and diverse settings for your film. These structures can be utilized as props or backdrops, providing you with ample opportunities to bring your creative ideas to life on the screen. The possibilities are endless, and these versatile structures can truly enhance the depth and authenticity of your storytelling. So go ahead, let your imagination soar and turn your vision into a reality with the help of these multifaceted structures!