Jazzland's History


Jazzland Then…

Located at the intersection of Interstate 10 and Interstate 510 in New Orleans, Six Flags New Orleans, originally known as Jazzland when it opened in 2000, is now an abandoned theme park. In 2002, Six Flags took over the operation of the park and invested a substantial amount of money in upgrades, rebranding it as Six Flags New Orleans in 2003. Unfortunately, Hurricane Katrina struck in 2005, causing extensive damage to the park. Despite efforts to restore and reopen it, the city of New Orleans terminated the lease in 2009 due to the severity of the damage, resulting in permanent closure.
Six Flags New Orleans was comprised of different themed areas, such as Main Street Square, Cajun Country, Pontchartrain Beach, DC Comics Super Hero Adventures, Mardi Gras, Looney Tunes Adventures, and Goodtime Gardens. The park was designed in a loop around Crescent City Basin, with Pontchartrain Beach facing Jazz Lake. In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Six Flags salvaged several rides and relocated them to their other parks. Over time, videos and photos of the abandoned park have surfaced online, shared by thrill-seekers and YouTubers. The city has found an alternative use for the site by leasing it to production companies for filming purposes, generating revenue in the process.